The outer bandage of the wire harness plays the role of wear resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, interference prevention, noise reduction, and beautification of the appearance. The following bandage design schemes are generally formulated according to the working environment and the size of the space.

Wear-resistant, flame-retardant, high-temperature-resistant wire harness tape

The working environment of the engine harness is harsh, so it is completely wrapped with a threaded tube with high flame resistance, waterproof, and high mechanical strength.
The working environment of the front cabin line is also relatively poor, most branches are also wrapped with threaded pipes with good flame retardancy, and some branches are wrapped with PVC pipes.
The working space of the instrument line is small, and the environment is relatively good. It can be wrapped or taped with tape.
The door line and the roofline have a small working space and can be fully wrapped with tape, and some branches can be wrapped with an industrial plastic cloth; the thinner roofline can directly adhere to the car with sponge tape.
Because there are many parts of the chassis wire in contact with the car body, the bellows are used to prevent the wire harness from wearing.