Classification and main characteristics of commonly used tapes for automotive wiring harnesses

According to the materials and characteristics of commonly used tapes, it is roughly divided into three categories: PVC tape; cloth tape; sponge tape.

PVC tape

The full name of PVC tape is polyvinyl chloride electrical insulation pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Its base material is a soft PVC film.

The adhesive is natural rubber, acrylic rubber, synthetic rubber, etc. as the main material.

PVC tape has a good Temperature resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, oil stain resistance, flame retardant, and other characteristics.

Duct tape

Cloth tape is referred to as PET tape. Commonly used cloth tapes include the following types:

fiber cloth tape; polyester cloth tape; wool polyester cloth tape; flannel tape; felt tape; electrical insulation waterproof tape; non-adhesive cloth tape, etc.

The cloth tape is not flame-retardant. The color of the cloth tape is black.

The common specifications of the cloth tape are generally 20×25, 40×25, etc., and the thickness of the tape is generally 0.25-0.8mm.

PVC tape, sponge tape, wire harness tape

Sponge tape

Conventional sponge tape

Conventional sponge tape for automobile wiring harness is made of high-density flame-retardant sponge as the base material. After technical treatment.

It is made of special pressure-sensitive adhesive, shockproof, noise reduction, and easy to tear.

Polyurethane sponge tape

The base material is polyether polyol and binary and ternary organic isocyanate, the adhesive is polyacrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive, the thickness is generally 2-5mm.

Good sound insulation and sound absorption performance; Shock absorption, noise reduction, and good water resistance.

Good low-temperature resistance, good flame retardant performance; Antibacterial, good aging resistance, strong impact resistance, aging resistance, good extensibility.

Flannel sponge tape

The base material of flannel sponge tape is flannel and sponge, and the adhesive is a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

It has good shock absorption, noise reduction, heat insulation performance, and abrasion resistance better than ordinary sponge tape.

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