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Automotive tape solutions-wiring harness articles(2)

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The automotive wiring harness tape product line uses woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, and films as substrates, combined with high-performance adhesives. Automotive wiring harness tape must have excellent flexibility so that it can be easily and quickly installed on the vehicle, reducing weight and wiring harness diameter.
Wiring harness fixing is one of the high-performance automotive tape applications. From the ceiling, plastic parts to the car body, different wiring harnesses need to be fixed on different adherend surfaces and different 3D geometric structures. In the car body, nowadays cars use low volatile organic compound (low VOC) tape to fast, safe, and long-term fix the wiring harness to improve the air quality in the car. Such products not only have high peel strength and high shear force but also have excellent initial adhesion, which is lighter than other bonding technologies. At the same time, the unique flexibility and conformability of the tape base material bring excellent shock and noise reduction effects. The tape roll material can realize full-cut or half-cut die-cutting without spacing to realize a more efficient application process.