The failure mode of acrylic foam tape

(1) Inappropriate choice of primer, choose suitable primer according to different bonding surfaces; for adhesion of plastic parts, it is necessary to use a primer to obtain satisfactory bonding effect;

(2) Adhesive surface contamination, parts, and primer surface contamination will cause adhesion failure; use an appropriate solvent to clean the adhesive surface;

(3) The plasticizer on the surface of the parts is not eliminated, and the plasticizer on the surface of the parts (especially soft PVC parts) can reduce the bonding effect;

(4) At low temperature, the acrylic foam tape is made of high molecular polymer, so it will become hard and lose its viscosity at low temperature; when the working environment temperature is lower than 16℃, it is recommended to heat the body and the parts to be bonded;

(5) Under low pressure, the acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive has low fluidity, and proper pressure can be applied to obtain sufficient wetted area.

Acrylic foam tape packaging and storage

(1) Storage method of adhesive tape and adhesive tape components.

Do not place it in direct sunlight, rain, or dusty places;

do not store in places where the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees and high humidity;

the shelf life of acrylic tape: 12 months (23 degrees, 50% humidity); Facts have proved that the performance of acrylic foam tape will not decrease during the storage period of 1 to 2 years unless the parts are made of soft PVC with a large amount of plasticizer.

When packaging parts, the turning radius should be as large as possible to avoid bending, and the problem of lifting the isolation paper will be reduced when the surface of the isolation paper faces outward.

(2) Storage of primer. The storage method is the same as the tape; the primer is “easily corrosive” and should be stored in a dark and low-temperature environment as much as possible;

The expiration date is marked on the packaging bag or can, even if it is not opened, do not use the expired primer.

After opening the packaging bag or can, store it in a dark and low-temperature environment and try to use it up within one month.

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