A large part of the harness in the engine compartment is located on the engine block. There are many sensor actuators on it, and both the fixed and the harsh environment must be considered. There are very high requirements for harness protection.

To a certain extent, the harness protection level of the engine compartment represents the harness protection level of the entire vehicle. Car wiring harness tape should consider many aspects of waterproof, heat insulation, vibration. Therefore, high-temperature resistant bellows and industrial tape are generally used for the package.

The temperature near the exhaust pipe can reach more than 700 degrees Celsius. The wire harness protection here requires a high-temperature-resistant yellow wax pipe, and it must be fully wrapped with silver reflective tape.

The protection of the battery part is also an important point because the battery harness is usually thick and not suitable for bending, so fixing is particularly important. Secondly, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation of automobile wiring harness tape are also indispensable. However, considering that the number of insertions and disconnections at the negative electrode connection is more than other parts, a certain amount of activity should be given when wrapping to ensure durability.