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About the doublr-sides cloth duct tape


Today i will introduce one tape for you, the double-sides cloth duct tape. It is very good to use and does not stick to the hand. It can be attached to some items to mark well. For example, the bandage is similar to it. The double-side cloth duct tape with fiber cloth, it can hold the irregular surface. Their rubber binders immediately bond and maintain the integrity of the bond. I recommend you that the double-sided tapes used for indoor carpet installations and carpeted staircases as well as variety of industrial installation applications. Some cloth tapes are resistant to [...]

About the doublr-sides cloth duct tape2020-06-22T15:51:10+08:00

The specification and the colour of the cloth duct tape


Today i will introduce the specification of the cloth duct tape. Usually we will give the most commen use to the customer when they have an inquiry. Let me introduce the specification. 1.About the thickness. The thickness, is from 150 um to 280 um. The 280 um thick is rarely used. The most common is 230 um. The better one of the tape. it's thickness is usually 250 um and 300 um. 210 um is also rarely used. 2. The width is usually 48mm width, the length is 50 m. The specification can be customized. 3.Color: we have [...]

The specification and the colour of the cloth duct tape2020-06-22T15:51:48+08:00

Different glues in the sun


Hello, everyone. Today it's a sunny day in China. I'm very happy to share the knowledge of the tape with you. This article is different from before. It's very short, so you only cost a little time to read it. Due to many customers asking us, I will introduce the different glues in the sun. 1.The hot melt adhesive: it can't be used in the sun, even if one day. And this kind of glue has a small temperature adaptation range, it's about from 10 celsius to 50 celsius. So, don't make the mistake after reading this article. [...]

Different glues in the sun2020-06-22T15:52:17+08:00

The kind of environmentally friendly adhesive


Nowadays, the society advocates environmental protection. And at the same time, the products of many companies are also environmentally friendly. The same is true for the tape industry. Many of the adhesives are also environmentally friendly products. So, which are environmentally friendly adhesives? There are seven kinds of the environment friendly adhesive like below: 1.Starch gum: including gelatinization. Oxidation, esterification and resin modified starch adhesives fall into this category. 2.Water-based adhesives: these include water-soluble and emulsion-based various non-toxic adhesives, phenolic and epoxy adhesives, etc. 3.Hot melt adhesive: mainly includes vinyl acetate hot melt adhesive, polyethylene hot melt adhesive, polyamide [...]

The kind of environmentally friendly adhesive2020-06-22T15:51:53+08:00

Different glue of the double-sides tape


There are different kinds of glues, such as oil glue, water glue and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. So, how can we distinguish them? Let me introduce their characteristics to you. Double-sided water glue is made by emulsification of acrylic or polyurethane resin through special emulsification equipment with water as solvent. It's biggest advantages are: variety, environmental protection, low price. Many coatings now use water-soluble glues, such as: general water-soluble PA, water-soluble PU, and film-like glue, oil-feel and wax-feel, and other functional pulp. Water solubility will be the direction of the future coatings according to it's functional, environmentally friendly, [...]

Different glue of the double-sides tape2020-06-22T15:52:10+08:00

The history and development of the cloth duct tape


The cloth base tape is made of high thermal adhesive composite of polyethylene and gauze fiber. It has high viscosity synthetic glue, and match with double-sided release paper. The advantage with strong peeling force, tensile strength and grease resistance. It is resistant to aging, temperature, water, corrosion, etc. It is a high-adhesive tape with relatively high adhesion. The cloth duct tape was used earlist during the Second World War. German Nazi use it for waterproofing and anti-corrosion of firearms and ammunition, as well as the binding and fixing of bulk guns and ammunition. Nowadays, due to the improvement of [...]

The history and development of the cloth duct tape2020-06-22T15:52:01+08:00

What to pay attention to when using adhesive tape


Adhesive tapes are used very frequently in our lives. Offices, companies, and factories all need adhesive tapes. So what do you need to pay attention to when using adhesive tape? 1. The surface to be adhered should be cleaned before use, and the impurities such as oil, water and dust should be fully removed to ensure the maximum adhesive force. 2. It is better to apply a certain pressure after the adhesive tape is attached, so that the adhesive surface can reach a sufficient viscosity to maintain the adhesive for a long time. 3. When we attach the adhesive [...]

What to pay attention to when using adhesive tape2020-06-22T15:52:30+08:00

The mesh of the cloth duct tape


Many friends who just touched the cloth duct tape may not know: what kind of tape the cloth duct tape belongs to. And some friends want to know what the characteristics and use of the cloth tape. I will below to lead everyone to understand. First of all, the cloth tape, the glue can be classified into: rubber cloth tape,and hot melt cloth base tape. The biggest difference between these tapes is the difference in temperature resistance. At present, the common cloth tapes on the market are hot melt cloth duct tapes. I believe that when people wearing [...]

The mesh of the cloth duct tape2020-06-22T15:52:39+08:00



I think there are many people have learnt about the cloth duct tape. So, do you know the certification of it? Let me introduce one of the certificcation---RoHS to you. Then you will know more about the cloth duct tape. RoHS is a mandatory standard set by EU legislation. It's full name is "Restriction of Hazardous Substances". And the standard was officially implemented on July  1,2006. Mainly used to standardize materials and process standards for electrical and electronic products, and make it more conducive to human health and environmental protection. The purpose of this standard is to eliminate [...]


Can the water leaking place be covered with cloth tape?


When the pipes leaking, many people will use the cloth duct tape to wrapping it in order to save trouble. The pipe doesn't leak after wrapped with the cloth tape. Is this approach really feasible? Can the cloth tape used for long-term pipe sealing? First of all, we need to understand the material of the cloth tape. And it is based on the thermal composite of polyethylene and gauze fibers. It has strong peeling force, tensile strength, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, waterproof and corrosion resistance. But the cloth duct tape we usually buying is the hot melt [...]

Can the water leaking place be covered with cloth tape?2020-06-22T15:52:54+08:00