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Carpet cloth tape


The role of carpet cloth tape is quite large, mainly used for the bonding of carpets. Only by adding such a product can the carpet be used well and can be laid better. Now that the carpet cloth tape has such a large purpose, let's take a look at the carpet tape and learn about the details. 1.Composition and use Carpet tape is a kind of industrial tape, used for the paste of the exhibition carpet and the carpet paste of the hotel. 2.Part of carpet tape Core - the material is mainly paper and plastic, Release paper--mainly divided into single-sided [...]

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Cloth tape practical use sharing


Used as a zone division warning sign: The commonly used cloth tape is brightly colored and we can use it as a warning tape. Because the cloth tape is also called carpet tape, it is resistant to wear. We use it as a zone to stick to the ground without worrying about breakage. It can withstand high-strength stamping without deformation. Plus it has the advantage that the cloth tape can be torn open without the need for scissors to cut off, really can give this wave of operation like it! Used to screw heavy objects: Before and my colleagues used [...]

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Duct tape classification


Duct tape is a magical tape. It is very different from the ordinary transparent tape substrate. It is made of environmentally friendly non-woven fabric and coated with high-viscosity synthetic tape. It is widely used. It can be used not only for carton sealing, but also for heavy goods. It is also used for the fixing and sealing of carpets for a wide range of uses. According to the classification of the base tape, the base tape can be divided into single-sided cloth tape and double-sided cloth tape from the most basic glue classification. Both of them can be used [...]

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How should the cloth tape be used?


Because the cloth-based tape is based on the easy-to-tear cloth, some large-size tying ordinary tapes are not as good as the cloth-based tapes. When the large-sized objects are bundled in life, the sealing tapes have no tolerance to complete the packing and tying. Homework, in this case we can use cloth tape instead of ordinary tape. The cloth tape also has the functions of tensile strength, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance. The cloth tape can be used in the damage of the pipeline and the ground mark. Cloth tape is also called carpet [...]

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