Many friends who have just contacted duct tape may not know what kind of tape duct tape is, and some friends want to know the characteristics and uses of duct tape, we think these should all be what duct tape new contacts want to know.

Then, during the introduction of some previous materials, we have talked more or less about this product’s new energy index, which should be introduced in less detail, so today, let’s focus on introducing the detailed explanation of the question about what is the meaning of the number of entries that have a view on duct tape.

I believe that when people often wear clothes, they know that their clothes are woven with silk threads. Generally speaking, these tiny threads are tightly woven together.

In contrast, duct tape of the cloth threads is relatively thicker, and the interval between them is thinner than the cloth density of clothes.

Then the number of duct tape mesh here refers to the density problem of duct tape silk threads. I believe everyone can understand it.

Then, the larger the mesh size of duct tape is, the denser the silk thread of natural duct tape is. On the contrary, the denser the density of duct tape is.

So, what are the different reactions between the two levels?

Now I will tell you that the higher the mesh number is, the higher the tensile strength will be, and the tearing of duct tape will be relatively neat, whereas the tensile strength of duct tape will not be that high.

To sum up, these are all the introduction materials of the number of duct tape items introduced to you.