Used as a zone division warning sign:
The commonly used cloth tape is brightly colored and we can use it as a warning tape. Because the cloth tape is also called carpet tape, it is resistant to wear. We use it as a zone to stick to the ground without worrying about breakage. It can withstand high-strength stamping without deformation. Plus it has the advantage that the cloth tape can be torn open without the need for scissors to cut off, really can give this wave of operation like it!
Used to screw heavy objects:

Before and my colleagues used cloth tape on a carton weighing 20 pounds, the contact area is not big but it is easy to screw up the carton full of items!
Binding heavy objects:

Every time you participate in the exhibition, the vehicles are not allowed to enter, and the goods full of one car must be safely transported into the venue. It is really a big problem in the past century. Later, we opened a roll of cloth tape and wrapped it to reinforce the goods. The tensile strength of the cloth tape fixed the goods firmly. At the meeting place, our goods arrived at the destination without moving.