If you want to make the flowers have natural color and fullness, it is best to use color cloth tape to make, The fake flowers made from the cloth-based tape, combined with the cloth-based tape handmade dress, jacket or tote bag, are wonderful combinations. If you want to make such a fake flower, all the materials you need are cloth tape, scissors, stapler and a creative mind. If you also want to make a beautiful cloth in two minutes, come and learn.

1.Cut 8 pieces of tape 30 cm long.The length of 30 cm is moderate – the longer the tape, the larger the flower. In addition, the size of the flower should also take into account the effect on the skirt or handbag. Pay attention to the same length when cutting, and mark it with a ruler before cutting.

2.Fold all the tape in half.Stick the sticky side of the tape together, After all the stickers, you have 8 thicker half-length tapes.

3.The folded tapes are vertically stacked one on another and then fixed with a stapler. Be aware that the intersection of the two tapes must be at the center. After stacking all the tapes in two, you have four tape patterns in the shape of a plus sign. Put one of the “plus signs” aside, now we have to process the remaining plus.

4.Stack the three plus signs together to make a star.The three plus signs overlap at the center, but each tape is exposed. At this time, it is best to find a stapler that is set more securely, and then set the center of the overlap.

5.Fold each end of the tape toward the center.Each time, both ends of a tape are folded in half toward the center, and then fixed with a stapler.

6.Use the rest of the “plus” to make a small flower. To make a small flower, just cut each of the remaining plus marks into thinner strips, then fold them toward the center and fix them with a stapler. Next, we must make the tape more delicate. Fix the small flower on the big flower.

7.Do the heart. Cut another piece of tape, fold it into a square, and paste it in the center of the fake flower. You can use the adhesive of the tape itself directly, or you can use a manual glue or a hot glue gun, or you can nail a colored pushpin at the center of the flower.

Once the tape is finished, you can use a hot glue gun to stick a flat pin on the back of the flower so you can wear it in a skirt, purse or other place.

Sticking a fake crystal in the heart will make the floral look more refined. You can also use a ribbon to make a bow or a small flower for further decoration. What a beautiful flower!