White duct tape is mainly based on the thermal composite of polyethylene and gauze fibers, and the plastic surface is coated with a release agent, a tape obtained by coating a fiber surface with a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, it has balanced peeling force, initial adhesion, tensile strength, and is resistant to oil wax, aging, temperature, cold, leak, water, corrosion, insulation and tear. It is a high viscosity tape. It overcomes the shortcomings of losing stickiness in winter and can also be used to accommodate different temperatures and remain tacky. The main use of white cloth tape: for the sealing, stitching, splicing, protection of the surface of the pipe; It can also be used for railways, vehicles, shipbuilding, electromechanical, mechanical, construction, repair, binding, color division and marking.

White cloth tape: the general thickness is between 0.15m – 0.28nm.

According to the color of glue: It can be divided into white glue and transparent glue.

Color: customized.

According to the number of gauze: 27 , 35 ,  50 , 70