Many people know the cloth duct tape. How many do you know about it?

Regarding the duct tape, i will introduce how to discriminate the quality about it to you. Theree are three attenntions.

1. Move the surface of the cloth tape with your hand.

If the hand feels the resistance of the glue on the cloth tape, and the viscous resistance is quite large. The initial viscosity of this cloth tape is quite Good. If the adhesiveness of the cloth tape is not good. It is not sticky. Then this kind of cloth tape is not what we want to buy.

2. Check the side which is without glue. The surface of it is clearly arranged in a neat order and densely arranged, and the thickness of the cloth-based tape is relatively thick. If it is such a tape, it means that the tape has a relatively high tensile strength, and is relatively capable of withstanding the tensile force of a large article. If it’s not a neat order and densely arranged on the base tape, the tension of the tape that bears heavy objects is not so great.

3. When tearing the cloth duct tape, if the it is relatively easy to tear, then the base material of the it is good. Because the cloth duct tape itself is to be used well, and the operability is relatively strong. On the contrary, if the base material of the cloth tape is not good and not easy to tear, the cloth duct tape is not so good.

In additional, the cloth duct tape also can be printed.

Printing cloth base tape features:
Gauze as the base material, coating with synthetic rubber, and printing on the surface of the tape. It is easier to tear and durable than the ordinary opp printing tape. It has good toughness, strong peeling force, tensile strength, good adhesion and environmental protection.

Uses: manual DIY production, decoration, gift packaging, image packaging, book protection, making wallets and so on.