Today, i will introduce something about double-sided tape.

Are you ready?

How to use:
First open the tape, fold a corner to the inside of the tape, and then peel off the release layer to expose the substrate.

Double-sided adhesive use:
Product bonding, advertising and sticking, leather, industrial, paper, electronics, nameplate printing and other industries.
Double-sided tape is widely used in many industries. It often plays an important role in ensuring effective and safe sealing and bonding of workpieces. Double or double sided tape is applied to the double sides of the carrier. The conveyor belt includes a thin film without carrier or support.

It also can be used between the double coating and the conveyor belt or between the two surfaces inside the joint. They can also be used for assembly, mounting or bonding two or more components together. These tape products are often replaced with liquid resin glues, hot melt adhesives, fasteners, soldering, brazing or soldering depending on the specific part, added to the configuration and bond strength requirements.

How to remove double-sided tape:
Tool: Such a tool can be easily found.
1.A hair dryer.
It is the most important tool in the whole set of methods. But we must pay attention to the fact that the hair dryer we use is heated.
2.A Blade.
You can ues the ordinary utility knife. Note that you don’t need a knife handle. It may be necessary to use a razor blade in special occasions.
It’s actually very simple to do this, but the most important thing is that you must be careful before you succeed.

Occasion: this method has been tested and applied to the following situations.

1.No dry tape on a smooth paper box.

2.No drytape on the color paste paper packaging box.

3.Vulnerable labels commonly found on computer accessories or mobile phones, etc.

4.After the uncovering, there will be some anti-counterfeit labels left by the characters composed of colloid.

5.Sticky tape or sticker stuck to a thin plastic film.

Specific method:
1.For the first case, it is the easiest to handle.
Use a blade to scratch the beginning and slowly peel it off with your hand. If the speed is too slow, use a hair dryer to heat it slightly.

2.This situation is more difficult to deal with, especially the kind of pattern printed on the tape.
Use a hair dryer to heat, you can open to a weak wind file.

You can use a blade to scrape the beginning. Focus on heating the back of the tape, be careful not to overheat, it will blow the tape. Slowly tear off by hand, the whole process must be careful. The tape with the pattern printed will leave a little more or less trace, so be careful not to overheat it, otherwise it will leave more.
A little secret: the faster you expose, the less residue, but the easier it is to tear the carton. The specific effects may be related to many aspects, but as long as you are proficient, in most cases, you can still be satisfied. If you close it again, it will not be easy to find it.

3.In this case, it can be scraped off directly with the blade.
In some cases, a thinner blade may be required. In this case, a razor blade may be used. If the label is large, it can be heated by a hair dryer.

4.This type of label is generally small, and the blade can be used to pick up the corners, heat it with a hair dryer, and slowly pick up the entire label.
When handling such labels, be careful and be careful. If you are not careful, you will leave traces of residue and you will not succeed.

5.To deal with this, the general heating is definitely not possible, because the plastic film will also be blown and deformed.
The method is very simple: tear directly by hand, do not slowly, must be fast, such as the label is large, can be divided into several times, suddenly, quickly tear off by hand. To handle this situation, the lower the ambient temperature, the better.