Duct tape features and functions

Duct tape the thermal decomposition of polyethylene and gauze fiber is used as the base material.

Coated with high viscosity synthetic glue, it has strong stripping resistance, tensile resistance, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, water-resistance, and corrosion resistance, and is a kind of bonding capacity high sticky tape.

The appearance looks delicate, and there are many kinds of colors.

During the Spring Festival, cloth carpet tape was very popular, and major distributors came to purchase it one after another. Duct tape is widely used in wedding exhibitions, including red and purple. Have you ever been exposed to this kind of product in your daily life? Which one do you think duct tape is used?

  • 1. Packaging tape

    Cloth tape has a wide range of uses, and we can use it to seal and pack heavy objects.

    Because the base material is cloth, it is strong and not easy to break, and it is no problem to pull it hard, so it can also bind and fix objects.

  • 2.Exhibition auxiliary materials

    Duct tape because of the colorful color, wear-resistant, and pull-resistant.Wedding, exhibitions, and hotels also often use tape of the same color as carpet to seal edges and fix them. Strong adhesion, can better fix large area carpet.

    After using it, it will not leave the adhesive tape on the floor or damage the floor. Because of its strong viscosity, it is safer and safer to use our adhesive tape in large-scale exhibitions for a long time.

  • 3.Other

    Because there are a lot of duct tape types, some sports customers can stick them on the floor to make signs. Some home improvement companies do DIY decoration for floors and walls. There are also some customers who bind pipes because the pe coated tape can also be waterproof.

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