Features and benefits of automotive wiring harness tape
Nowadays, many automobile manufacturers start to use automobile wiring harness tape. This kind of material is mainly used to wrap the automobile industry wiring harness. It uses low-density PE foam as the base material, which has safe and reliable strapping. The road of innovation and development has promoted the prosperity and development of automotive tapes, and its strong anti-aging, strong surface anti-fouling ability, and high-temperature stability determine their uses.

Automotive wiring harness tape is mainly divided into four types: velvet-based tape, cotton-based tape, fiber cloth tape, and chemical fiber cloth tape. Each type has its characteristics.

  • 1. Flannel-based tape: strong anti-aging ability, will not produce harmful substances, but also play a role in reducing noise.

  • 2. Cotton cloth-based tape: The tape of this material is not easy to corrode, and it is low temperature resistant, easy to operate, and the color is mainly black, so it is in the automotive industry line
    This tape is more common in bundle winding.

  • 3. Fiber cloth tape: The main features are strong aging resistance and high-temperature resistance, so it has a long service life, so it is mostly used in the winding wire of the generator.

  • 4. Chemical fiber cloth tape: similar to the characteristics of the fiber cloth, and wear-resistant, not easy to wear.

Automotive wiring harness tape is an insulator with good toughness, good electrical conductivity, and good heat dissipation. It plays a vital role in the automotive winding industry and has a variety of choices, including thickness, density, and color, and shapes. Various shapes are cut into various shapes by punching, so it is not limited to the wire harness industry.

And its price is cheap, so it is also widely used and can be seen everywhere in the market, so you can choose the car wiring tape that you need according to your characteristics. Car wiring tape has played an important role in the market. I believe it will be in the future. On the one hand, it can go better and better, playing an inestimable role.