How is the wiring harness tape positioned in the future?
In the future, do you know what the positioning of the harness tape is? What does it mean? What is the path it takes? In fact, regarding its development, it is mainly divided into two paths.

At the top of the list, it is positioned in civilian shopping malls. In this case, its price is very low, which is also the company’s main. Its price-performance ratio is relatively high. Imagine it should be very popular.

Second, each product has its high-end products, and harness tape also needs to be turned to high-end shopping malls, so that it can lay a good foundation for its reputation and business development.

Looking at these two roads, which one do you think is more valuable? It varies from person to person, and this depends on the company’s development. We also have a way to opportunistically, that is to use these two roads jointly, in this way, the choice of businessmen is smart. Although they said that they did not develop the maximum value of the harness tape, but if these two points are combined, I think it will be very good in the future. The enterprise development needs to lay the foundation, and two-line development is good. Selection.

After reading the above introduction, you must understand it. We should clearly understand that the harness tape products have affordable and high-end ones. Enterprises should consider them steadily. Effect. As for whether you choose low-cost or high-end, according to the strength of your store, you should start with low-cost and step by step to become high-end.