How to choose car wiring harness tape?
First of all, the main function of the car harness flannel is to wrap and fix the car harness and reduce noise.

Velvet tape, as the name suggests, is a product formed by applying a pressure-sensitive cloth. The pressure-sensitive cloth is a professional name called polyester non-woven fabric and is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are also divided into solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives.

During use, it should be noted whether the velvet harness tape needs to have lower VOC or flame-retardant requirements. If the customer has low requirements for VOC or flame retardant, then when choosing flannel tape, the environmental protection requirements of the flannel tape must be given priority.
Also, due to the main material selection of flannel tapes, different levels of tape quality have been created in the market.