Masking tape is widely used in electronic components, automotive industry spray paint masking, various industries, and construction decoration industries such as pasting, protection, fixing, and sealing packaging, almost all walks of life can not do without it.

There are many types of masking tape on the market today, and the requirements for masking paper are different according to the requirements of use and the environment of use.

Generally according to its performance, it can be divided into low temperature masking tape, medium temperature masking tape, high temperature masking tape, etc. According to different purposes, the depth and fineness of the paper wrinkles will vary.

In the process of purchasing masking tape, we often encounter all kinds of masking tape, which dazzles us, and some inferior masking tapes are easy to be broken, seepage, residual glue and It is easy to warp during use.

Take a look: The masking paper used to make masking tape must have good moisture resistance and solvent resistance, as well as a certain degree of impermeability and absorption.

Not only the paper must be flexible, but also have a certain resistance Temperature, so the high-quality masking tape must have a uniform color, no variegated color, or color superimposition, and there is no glue leakage on the back, no glue residue, and no paper wrinkles.

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Second pull: high-quality masking tape requires good elongation and high tensile strength, so high-quality masking tape not only does not have the phenomenon that it cannot be pulled, but it is also not easy to be broken.

Three shakes: The high-quality masking tape requires a strong unwinding force, so it shakes when it is pulled, and it will not slide down immediately like a yo-yo.

Four touches: High-quality masking paper requires very high initial adhesion and retention. You can use masking tape to stick to the surface of the object, and then quickly pull it apart for testing. Check it out after repeated pasting several times Touch to see if the adhesiveness of the tape has decreased.

Five smells: The glue used to make masking tape is not allowed to be adulterated. When making glue formulations, some poor manufacturers will use gasoline and acid to dissolve them in order to save costs, so the smell of the tape is very Large, regular large enterprises use toluene to dissolve, and it has been volatilized by a fan during the coating process, so there is no very pungent smell.

Have you learned the above methods to choose high-quality masking tape?