Tape, an item that everyone is no stranger. Tape can always be seen or used in our usual lives. The use of tape can help you solve some of the more timely problems in some cases. There are also many types of tapes. For this, I believe that you should have some experience when shopping in the mall. Cloth tape is one of them. So, how to clean the tape?

Tapes are also very different in viscosity due to the different adhesives used. In daily life, we often find a situation when we peel the tape off the surface of the article, there is still a thick layer of offset on the surface.

  • 1.Add a small amount of ammonia and turpentine to the soap to remove a lot of dirt and make the glass surface more shiny (thisapplies to tiles, ceramics, glass, etc.).

  • 2.You can remove the surface by repeatedly peeling it with sticky viscous glue.

  • 3.Use a little letter of sodium water to wipe it off, or use paint thinner.

  • 4.It can be blown dry with a hair dryer and then wiped gently.

  • 5.Wipe with a cotton swab and wash with water.

  • 6.Wipe with wind

  • 7.Wipe with a special cleaner or sports shoe decontamination cream.

  • 8.The 4b eraser used for drawing is very soft and the Korean rubber can wipe it off.

  • 9.If the trace that has been left for a long time has hardened, you can soften it with a hot towel before wiping it.

  • 10.with the hand cream can also achieve the effect of removing the glue on the tape. Since the hand cream contains a certain amount of surfactant, it can quickly penetrate between the offset and the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of removal.

  • 11.With industrial alcohol or gasoline, the glue on the tape can also be removed.Similarly, perfume or astringent water has the effect of using waste products if they are out of date.

“How to clean the tape?” For this question, I believe that after you have seen the specific introduction of the above content, you must have your own answer. If you have any questions about this issue, you can also get some specific insights into your market. I hope the above content will help you.