Cloth tape can be used to make a variety of interesting handicrafts, and the bow-knot is undoubtedly the most basic one. Making a bow with cloth tape is very simple, and you can also use your own creativity and patterned tape to make different bow-knots with different colors. The following will introduce you two ways to make a bow-knot, I wish you a happy!

1. Folding bow-knot:

  • Collecting various colors of cloth tape.

The color and pattern of the cloth tape are varied, so you can pick those bright colors to make a bow-knot. A better solution is to first pick a color as the main color of the bow-knot, and the middle one to choose the contrast color of that color.

  • Cut 2 pieces of 15.2 cm long cloth tape.

The scissors for the cloth-based tape should be sharper. The 15.2 cm long tape makes the bow larger, and if you want to make it smaller, you can also cut two 7.6 cm long tapes.

  • Align the two tapes and align the sticky sides with each other.

The two tapes must be slow and careful to ensure complete alignment. If you accidentally do not align, you can use scissors to cut off the excess part of the edge. Make sure that the cloth tape does not wrinkle, and the bow that comes out is good. At this point you can decorate the cloth tape with a marker or bright chalk.

  • Fold the bonded cloth tape out of the 3-striped road.

To fold out the 3 stripe road, just fold it twice, just like a fan.

  • Hold the center of the bow-knotwith tape.

Hold the center of the tape with your fingers and wrap it in a tape of another color (approximately 0.6 cm wide). Be careful not to let the tape stick to your hands, otherwise the sticky hands will be very uncomfortable.

  • Stick the bow-knotto something else.

Once the bow-knot is finished, you can just stick to where you want it. The easiest thing is to stick to the hairpin so you have a unique bow tie. Alternatively, you can stick the bow to a headscarf, school bag or handbag.

2. Simple bow-knot.

  • Pick the color of tape .

You can choose a set of contrasting tape to make a bow-knot.

  • Cut a piece of tape as a tie in the middle of the bow-knot.

The first step is to cut a small piece of tape (about 0.6 cm) as the middle tie, it will be more convenient to fix the bow-knot later. Stick the cut tape to the table for a while.

  • Cut a 45.7 cm long cloth tape.

Take out another color of tape and cut a 45.7 cm long section. Fold the tape in half (short edge shortened), glue it, leave a little bit at the end of the tape and do not stick.

  • Bond the ends of the tape to each other.

Pick up the unbonded section and wrap the other end so that the tape forms a loop, like a cuff.

  • Hold the center.

Flatten the tape loop and pick up the middle part to make a bow-knot.

  • Shape the bow-knot.

Take out the tape you just cut and wrap the part that is caught in the middle.

  • Stick the bow-knotto something else.

Stick the bow to the headscarf or hairpin to make a chic headgear. Of course, you can stick it on your bag, clothes, hat, etc.