Every time sending express delivery, see the tearing duct tape action are very ecstatic.

I have tried it several times myself, without scissors or sharp objects to lick, fingernail not long or short, and my hands focused on the smallest possible area, 70% success rate.

But the courier or the person who sealed the foam box in the seafood market is even better. One hand holds the box and one hand completes the action of wrapping the tape and tearing the tape.

In addition to the practice of making perfect, the nails are sharp enough, the quality of the tape is almost the same, and the other tips and tricks of tearing tape?

The following is a trial and answer with relevant experience in the theater:

1.Ordinary sealing tape:Keep the tape unfolded and flatten(The two ends of the disconnection are straight, usually the one part is bonded to the object to be bonded and the other end is hand-pull), hold a key and use its sharp part to open it to the center of the tape.

2.Use cloth tape (also known as “great glue”),since the base has a cloth structure, it can be used like a tearing gauze (use it with a little practice before use).

3.Electrical insulation tape with a relatively narrow width,the brand is taller, the better quality. It can be directly torn, but it’s a bit more laborious.

4.If you have to practice tearing open the common sealing tape,the essential thing is to concentrate the strength of both hands on a small point (this may take some time).