Judging whether the transparent tape is good or bad mainly depends on the viscosity of the tape. A sticky tape is good, of course, this cannot be the sole criterion, some inferior adhesive tapes have a long stickiness after leaving the factory, but they will not stick after long time. Good quality tape is definitely not the case. The main methods for judging the quality of the tape are as follows:

  1. First look at the thickness of the tape paper tube, the thickness of the standard paper tube is 3mm. Look at the diameter of the paper tube, the standard diameter is 7.8cm.
  2. Smell the tape, if the smell is too big or stinks, it means the quality is not good.
  3. Check the surface of the tape, including whether the tape is sticky on both sides and whether there are gaps. The good quality tape does not stick to the sides and there is no gap.
  4. Look at the surface of the tape for air bubbles. The good quality tape roll is tight and there are no bubbles. Of course, if it is a new factory tape, there may be some bubbles.
  5. Check the tension of the tape. If the tape is particularly easy to break, it is inferior. Good adhesive tape is not easy to break with a good transparent film.

The most important thing is to check the viscosity of the tape. There are also many inspection methods, which can be sealed box with tape and then suddenly withdrawn. The more the surface can be peeled off, the better the adhesion. You can also fold it up in the middle by letting you pull a piece of tape that is longer. Then it is also suddenly pulled up, if the tape has not been pulled up or some of the tape breaks during the tape pulling process, it indicates that the tape is strong.