How to use tape when making wire harness

1. Storage conditions of the tape

The room temperature is 20~22℃, and the humidity is 50% relative humidity. Place the roll of tape flat in the original packaging and avoid direct light sources (such as light and sunlight), and place it at a distance of more than 20cm from the ground.

2. Conditions of use of tape

To ensure good adhesion during the use of the tape, the surface of the wound object must be clean and dry to ensure that there is no grease, cloth scraps, dust, wax, organic solvents, etc., and there is no typical cleaning agent including esters (such as Acetone), ketones (such as MEK) and products based on NAPTHA.

3. Main functions
The main functions of automotive wiring harness tape:

First, it is easy to assemble and avoid flying lines;

The second is to avoid damage to the wiring harness during the assembly process;

The third is to provide the necessary wear and noise reduction protection