All along, our colleagues in the technical department often receive similar requests from customers: are there any flame retardant fleece wiring harness tapes? Is there any flame retardant automotive wiring harness tape? I want flame retardant wiring harness tape! Point non-flammable harness tape!! Our colleagues in the technical department will generally ask: What is your definition of flame retardancy? The customer said: Take a lighter and don’t burn! At least to be extinguished from the fire!

Due to the presence of a lot of oil near the engine, it is not so simple when we achieve the flame retardant of the engine harness tape.
Generally, at this time, we have to choose a certain material from the tape itself to make a certain choice. This product itself has a certain flame retardancy in terms of material selectivity.

For example, we choose flame retardant polyester cloth as the material of this tape, and we can also choose flame retardant acetate cloth as the material of this automotive wiring harness tape.
When choosing an adhesive, we add some flame retardant ingredients to make this adhesive also have flame retardant properties.