Some people who are just touching the adhesive tape may not know what is the floor tape, what is the carpet tape, or is the carpet tape the same as the floor tape? Because there may be more people who don’t know what they look like. Then, let’s uncover what is the difference between the carpet tape and the floor tape.

What is the difference in use?

First: Because of its strong viscosity, and strong tensile strengthcarpet tape does not leave glue.

Therefore, carpet tape is widely used in the pasting of outdoor advertising, carpet bonding and the like. The floor tape is mainly used to directly attach the tape to the designated area. Used for demarcation areas, the viscosity is not as strong as carpet tape.

Second: the price difference between carpet tape and floor tape.

Due to the different manufacturing costs, the cost of carpet tape is relatively higher than the cost of raw materials for floor tape. Because the manufacturing process of the carpet duct tape is also troublesome, it needs taking a sequence process. It’s easier than the floor duct tape. In additional, the cost of the raw material is cheaper, so it’s price is lower.

Third: the substrate of carpet tape is mainly a material such as cloth. If it is double-sided, then the carpet tape is double-coated, and the outer layer is covered with release paper.

The substrate of the floor tape is mainly made of PVC. Perhaps the similarity between them is that the colors are rich, basically all kinds of colors. The floor tape will catch the eye in color.

Now, do you understand the differences between these two kinds of tapes? If you still have some puzzle, please contact me.

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