Now everyone is paying more attention to environmental issues. This is related to everyone’s safety and health. Therefore, we feel that it is necessary to let everyone know about the safety and health of the tape. Whether you form a direct or indirect damage to your body when you are on the exhibition or using the cloth tape to stick your skin. So, we are here to reveal to everyone that is the tape poisonous? Is it harmful for body? This problem. We think that understanding the classification of the cloth tape, that is to say, the specific application of the cloth tape. Then we should explain from the following aspects.

1.Learn from thermal insulation tape.

It’s mainly used around the pipeline, the cost is relatively low, naturally in some environmental protection requirements are not so high, the most common is the rubber-plastic cloth-based tape. I believe that everyone in the shops that do thermal insulation materials are more or less seen. This type of cloth tape may not be as environmentally demanding.

2.Followed by the carpet tape.

This piece of cloth tape is relatively environmentally friendly in China. Basically, each cloth tape manufacturer can give an environmental test report of carpet cloth tape. On the other hand, the cloth tape is mainly used for carpeting. So, it can put the carpet together very well.

3.Finally, the rubber cloth tape.

This type of cloth tape is an environmentally friendly tape. The most common is natural rubber cloth tape, which is ROHS certified. Therefore, the cloth tape is also environmentally friendly and does not cause much damage to the body.