Friends who like wild adventures must pay attention, do not forget to carry a roll of cloth tape for outdoor activities.

What should you do if the pole of tent is broken? Some tent poles will have emergency repair casings, at this time, immediately put the emergency repair casing on the damaged, then stick the duct tape on it to meet an emergency. I believe many people have had this experience. You have not climbed the mountain for a long time, and putting on a pair of hiking shoes that you haven’t worn for a long time. Then the shoes are break, what should you do? The experienced friends must have equipped duct tape. At this time, you can use the tape to make an emergency and support you going down the mountain.

How amazing is the cloth tape? As the name suggests, it is a very strong tape. In the 1970 Apollo space program, it was also the successful use of cloth tape to complete the emergency rescue!

There is fiber woven inside the cloth tape, which is very sticky and very strong. The material of the tape is horizontal and vertical. It can be directly torn by hand without tools. The toughness and stickiness make people feel very comfortable. In the wild, injuries or foot grinding and even fractures, strong tape is a good tool for emergency response.

Super duct tape: Repair shoes, trekking poles, make up tents, repair tent poles, repair raincoats, backpacks.

The duct tape in the hardware store is all the huge bundle, You can stick the right amount of tape on the kettle or trekking pole. It doesn’t take up space and you can’t forget to take it every time you go out.