The duct tape is mainly based on the thermal composite of polyethylene and gauze fibers. Duct tape mainly polyethylene and gauze fiber thermal composite substrate, which itself has a strong peel force, tensile strength, resistance to grease, anti-aging, temperature, water, corrosion resistance, can be said to be an insulation High viscose tape. There are many types of duct tape, it can be divided into hot melt duct tape, rubber duct tape these two types according to different types of glue . What is the composition of duct tape?

Duct tape and the same general tape, are based on the BOPP original film after the high-voltage corona, so that the rough surface coated with glue after the sub-divided into small rolls, can be customized according to customer requirements. We have learned the composition of the duct tape . It uses acrylic glue, this glue is also called pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main ingredient is tincture fat. Do you know what tincture is? It is a kind of macromolecular active substance whose temperature has an influence on molecular activity. And we all know that the most important for duct tape is glue, the quality of the glue determines the quality of the duct tape.

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