The tape used in automotive wiring harnesses has characteristics such as temperature resistance, flame retardancy, noise reduction, compatibility of wire insulation, abrasion resistance, low fogging, oil stain resistance, and corrosion resistance are very important.

Flame retardant

Due to the different tape materials, the flame-retardant properties of the tape are also different.

Some are flame-retardant, some are neither flame-retardant nor combustion-supporting, and some are combustion-supporting. The indoor wiring harness tape is preferably a flame-retardant PVC tape.

Wear resistance

Due to the rough surface and sharp edges of the wire harness, the tape may be scratched, causing the wire harness to lose its insulation protection, binding and fixing, sealing, and other properties, and even cause some safety accidents.

The tape used in these special positions must be high. The wear resistance performance.

Noise reduction

In the instrument panel wiring harness and the four-door wiring harness, the wiring harness is installed with sheet metal or some hard materials, and part of the trunk or branch lines or even the connectors on the wiring harness cannot be completely fixed.

In actual driving, the wiring harness and hard materials will collide. The noise generated by the collision will make the driver or passenger very uncomfortable.

At this time, the tape used locally must have good noise reduction performance.

Compatibility of the insulating layer

Commonly used adhesive tapes are generally acrylic adhesive, rubber, synthetic rubber, acrylic, polyacrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive, etc., during the wire harness wrapping process.

There may be some phenomena of poor compatibility. The compatibility of ordinary tapes with halogen-free wire insulation is not very good.

This must be taken into account in the design.

Low fog

The tape used on the indoor wire harness must have low fog (volatility).

If the low fog of the wire harness tape does not meet the requirements, when the ambient temperature rises, the volatilized substances and odors of the tape will produce smell and vision for indoor personnel Stimulus.

Reduce the comfort of the driver and occupants, enhance the fatigue of the driver, and increase the probability of safety accidents.

Oil and corrosion resistance

The working environment in the engine compartment is very complicated. Acids, oil pollution, and other substances pose a great threat to the wiring harness.

The complex working environment will reduce the performance and service life of the tape. Therefore, the tape used for the engine wiring harness and the engine room wiring harness must have high oil and corrosion resistance.

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