The tape used in automotive wiring harnesses has characteristics such as temperature resistance, flame retardancy, noise reduction, compatibility of wire insulation, abrasion resistance, low fogging, oil stain resistance, and corrosion resistance are very important.

Temperature resistance

The low-temperature resistance requirement of the wiring harness of the whole vehicle is -40℃. The main difference is that the high-temperature resistance requirements are different.

The ambient temperature at different positions on a car body is different, resulting in different high-temperature resistance requirements of the tape for the wiring harness in different positions.

The high-temperature resistance of the tape is 105-150℃. 85~105℃ in the cab, the following is a specific analysis.

For the wiring harness in the engine compartment, the ambient temperature in the engine compartment is the highest. In some specific locations, such as above the engine block, the maximum storage temperature can reach 135℃, and the maximum storage temperature under the hood can also reach 95℃.

The place closest to the engine requires high-temperature resistance of the tape. The tape used on the engine wiring harness generally has two functions: the wiring harness does not have a protective sleeve, and the tape plays the main protective role.

At this time, the high-temperature resistance of the tape must reach 130℃; the wiring harness has a protective sleeve, and the tape mainly serves In order to fix the protective sleeve, the high-temperature resistance of the tape must be above 105°C.

Indoor wiring harnesses, such as instrument panel wiring harness, indoor floor wiring harness, ceiling wiring harness, four-door wiring harness, these wiring harnesses are inside the machine room. The tape used in the wire harness can meet the requirements when the high-temperature resistance reaches 85°C.

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