Today we also talk about the choice of automotive wiring harness, how many kinds of automotive wiring harness tape? In fact, in general, it is divided into two categories from the perspective of materials, one is cloth, and the other is PVC film. These are two major categories.

Also, according to the automobile wiring harness, we can distinguish the engine compartment wiring harness and passenger compartment wiring harness in different parts of the automobile, and select the appropriate adhesive tape according to different requirements.

The car wiring harness is the nervous system of the entire car. Sensor control from the entire engine to the entire body, including our seat control, including the entire audio control sensor, wiper, etc., large and small wiring harness runs through the entire car itself.

After an automobile wiring harness engineer obtains a drawing from the OEM, he will determine the selection of the material of the entire wiring harness according to the requirements of the drawing. According to the type, it is generally divided into electric wires, wiring harness tape, and some connectors.