Selection of automotive wiring harness tape(2)

The characteristic parameters of the tape are determined by the difference in the materials and manufacturing process of the tape itself.

Tapes with different characteristic parameters have different quality costs, that is, the price advantages of the tape are different.

For example, tapes of the same specifications and different materials, the high price is 4-10 yuan RMB/m, and the low price is 0.04 yuan RMB/m, so two factors must be considered when choosing the tape: the performance of the tape meets the requirements.

Instead of far exceeding the requirements; try to use conventional tape. Avoid using special tapes to meet quality cost requirements.

Selection of tape for floor wiring harness

The floor wiring harness is placed under the floor interior, and the working environment is relatively stable.

Its requirements for tape are not very high. The use of ordinary high-temperature 85% PVC tape can fully meet the requirements. When connecting with the movable seat, the connection part needs to Use some wear-resistant flannel tape for winding.

Selection of adhesive tape for ceiling wiring harness, air conditioning wiring harness, and other small wires.

Use ordinary PVC tape with high temperature resistance of 85°C or 105°C, and use ordinary sponge tape to meet the requirements when noise reduction is required.

Choose tape for ABS wiring harness

Since the ABS system is a safety component, the working environment near its four-wheel speed sensors is more complicated.

Therefore, when choosing the tape, it is generally a reasonable choice to choose flannel tape or polyester cloth tape.

If the ABS harness is not separated separately, you can choose PVC Use tape, flannel, and polyester cloth tape in combination.

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