In addition to being used in carpet laying, many other people use it to wrap the wiring harness because the cloth tape is strong. It is precisely because of the misunderstanding of the characteristics of the cloth tape, many people think that the cloth tape has flame retardant properties, so there is such a dangerous behavior. The following small series solemnly explained to everyone that the cloth base tape does not have fire retardant properties.

Cloth tape is a high-adhesive tape used at room temperature, made of easy-to-tear cloth on one side or double side with glue. Common types of glue are hot melt adhesive and rubber. Hot melt adhesive can only be used at normal temperature and does not tolerate high temperature; Rubber cloth tape has certain temperature resistance, but it can only be used with temperature below 100 °C. This temperature resistance is compared to the ignition point, it is obvious that the cloth tape is completely non-flammable and flame retardant.

The fire retardant tape can be flame retardant because the flame retardant is added to the coating glue. Fire-retardant tape use single-sided coating flame-retardant high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive or heat-curing adhesive.  Burning with fire will only dissolve and will not produce an open flame. The cloth-based tape can be imagined to burn after the fire, so the small partners who need fire-proof construction must consult professional manufacturers beforehand, and find the right products, can not be sloppy.