We all know that the most basic difference between synthetic rubber cloth tape and natural rubber cloth tape is that they are made of different materials.

One is the natural rubber cloth duct tape. It’s mainly from rubber trees. When cutting the skin of the rubber tree, the latex, a milky white juice appears. The latex is agglomerated, washed, shaped, and dried to obtain natural rubber.

The other is the synthetic rubber. It’s made by artificial synthesis. Different raw materials (monomers) can synthesize different types of rubber.

Of course, apart from the above differences, what are the differences?

1.The standard of national is different.

The natural rubber cloth duct tape usually fits international environmental standards. And it’s suitable for EU HOHS directive standards.

It can also fully meet the international environmental protection requirements. But the synthetic rubber cloth duct tape can not.


There is clearly different of these two kinds of cloth duct tape. And there is the smell of natural rubber on the natural rubber cloth duct tape. But the synthetic rubber don’t have.

3.Burn with fire

After the synthetic rubber cloth tape is burned, there will be boiling glue that melts, but natural rubber does not.

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