Nowadays, the society advocates environmental protection. And at the same time, the products of many companies are also environmentally friendly. The same is true for the tape industry. Many of the adhesives are also environmentally friendly products. So, which are environmentally friendly adhesives?

There are seven kinds of the environment friendly adhesive like below:

1.Starch gum: including gelatinization. Oxidation, esterification and resin modified starch adhesives fall into this category.

2.Water-based adhesives: these include water-soluble and emulsion-based various non-toxic adhesives, phenolic and epoxy adhesives, etc.

3.Hot melt adhesive: mainly includes vinyl acetate hot melt adhesive, polyethylene hot melt adhesive, polyamide hot melt adhesive and other products.

4.Low-toxic or non-toxic glue: mainly includes urea-formaldehyde glue that reduces formaldehyde content, polyurethane and rubber adhesive without “triphenyl”, and various adhesives for replacing non-toxic solvents.

5.Waste plastic adhesive: mainly consists of polystyrene waste plastic preparation, polyester waste plastic and fiber preparation adhesives and other waste plastics and waste rubber adhesives.

6.Inorganic adhesives: including silicate adhesives, phosphate adhesives and other adhesives.

7.Natural Adhesives: Boakai shellac, shellac, protein gelatin, gum arabic, etc. are all natural adhesives.

These are the environment friendly adhesives, do you know them?