Many friends who just touched the cloth duct tape may not know: what kind of tape the cloth duct tape belongs to. And some friends want to know what the characteristics and use of the cloth tape. I will below to lead everyone to understand.

First of all, the cloth tape, the glue can be classified into: rubber cloth tape,and hot melt cloth base tape. The biggest difference between these tapes is the difference in temperature resistance. At present, the common cloth tapes on the market are hot melt cloth duct tapes.

I believe that when people wearing clothes, they know that their clothes are woven with silk threads. Generally speaking, these silk threads are closely woven together.
Then, in contrast, the cloth threads of the cloth tape are relatively thicker, and the interval between them is also sparse than the cloth density of the clothes.

Then the mesh number of the cloth duct tape refers to the density of the wire of the cloth tape. I believe everyone will understand it.

Then, the larger the mesh quantity of the cloth duct tape, the more dense the cloth duct tape is. And in the contrast, the thinner the density of the cloth tape. So, the more the mesh quantity of the tape, the higher the tensile strength, the more tidy the edge of the tear. And in the contrast, the tensile strength of the cloth tape is not so high.