The wholesale of tape is very popular and supported by consumers in our lives. If the glue falls off, the tape will lose its effect. In fact, we often encounter similar problems in the days. Many people don’t know what the specific reason for this problem is. Let us introduce it for everyone.

1. The influence of temperature: the storage requirement of the tape is a reasonable temperature. If the  storage temperature of the tape is too high, or the temperature is too low, it will directly constitute a degumming phenomenon.For example, in a high temperature environment, the tape will melt and soften, and the tape will be degumming. In the same reason, in the case of severe cold, too low the temperature will constitute a degumming phenomenon. Therefore, we must pay attention to the temperature change of the environment during the storage time.

2.The time is too long: the tape also has a storage time. Once the shelf life is over, there will be a phenomenon of degumming. We need to check the production date when we use it.

3.The backwardness of technology: this phenomenon often occurs before, and the technology produced by some small processing factories is unqualified, which directly leads to the phenomenon of degumming separately. Now through technical improvements, as well as mechanical improvements, the impact of factors such as technical or mechanical reasons is getting lower and lower.