The cloth-based tape is a roll-shaped adhesive tape which is made of paper, cloth or plastic film as a substrate, and an elastomer-type pressure-sensitive adhesive or a resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive is evenly coated on the substrate, and composed of the substrate, adhesive, release paper (film) three parts.

The elements that cause the aging of the cloth tape are: oxygen, ultraviolet (sunlight), metal (especially brass or rust), bleach, and plasticizer. Under the influence of the above various factors for a long time, the tape will be deteriorated, softened, solidified, and lost in viscosity.

Sometimes there will be a color difference between the roll of the tape and the roll. That is because the polymer substrate in the pultrusion and the polymer crystals in the polymerization reaction of the pressure sensitive adhesive composition will have a small amount of difference and affect the hue. a small difference in the thickness of the pressure sensitive adhesive. The tension of the cloth tape winding also affects the hue of the tape, forming a chromatic aberration by stacking layers. However, the properties of the substrate and the pressure sensitive adhesive are still dominated by their fundamental physical properties.

Now we know why the cloth tape has a color difference.