The tape industry is a technology-based industry that continues the ancient fine chemical technology and gradually applies technological transformation.

This type of product is extended from the medical tape, the originator of the tape, and is divided into packaging series tape, label paper series tape, special tape, and resistant tape. There are six series of high-temperature tapes and fashionable computer inkjet tapes.

Its product application fields cover a wide range, from basic food, medicine, sanitary materials, beauty and health care products, Wujiao supplies, stationery and education supplies, office equipment, photographic equipment, advertising, printing, papermaking, shoemaking, and textiles.

It is widely used in industries such as electronics, motors, communication equipment, petroleum industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, and aerospace industry.

Representative tape products of various industries such as BOPP transparent packaging tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, correction tape for cultural, educational and office supplies (substitute for correction fluid), computer printing inkjet paper.

Visible advertising signs PVC sticky tape, bus PVC body sticker tape, computer inkjet advertising consumables, light box advertising back torch film series products, highway signs (provincial and municipal highways) reflective film glass bead tape.

Hidden behind products in the technology industry such as electronic components, semiconductors, and printed circuit boards.

High-temperature resistant Mylar tape, high-temperature resistant PET composite tape, high-temperature resistant acetate cloth series tape, high-temperature resistant crepe paper series tape, high-temperature resistant glass fiber cloth tape, PTFE glass fiber cloth, and fashion trends.

The digital technology waterproof high-gloss photo paper series products.

Tape factory

The only pity is that this industry is often neglected, and the training and development of its professional technology are also lacking in seriousness, resulting in the industrial structure being maintained at only low-grade and fiercely competitive product development, and also resulting in high-tech and high-efficiency tape products. Monopolized by foreign companies or imported products!

In fact, the existence of this status quo is a common problem facing the world. The main factor is because it belongs to a relatively partial and unique proprietary technology in the field of fine chemical technology.

If it is not experienced in the substantial research and development and production experience of this professional technical product, it is indeed difficult to realize the permutation and combination technology of product structure and The production and processing technology gap of mature products will be so far away!

Especially in the “special tape and high-temperature series tape”, the combined technology of pressure-sensitive adhesive and media surface treatment, although the hidden technical content is so simple before the technology is disclosed, it is an absolutely mysterious and difficult advanced technology to explore!