Tape, in our lives, is sometimes a small object that is inconspicuous, sometimes it is an indispensable item. In life, we can judge the quality of tapes by some ways when buying it. But the way I say today, you may not have tried. Generally, the quality of the tape can be seen from the tightness of the tape. The process of tape from semi-finished to finished product is slitting with a machine, have a certain tension. When the tension is large, the tape will get tighter. The tape should be neatly rolled as usual. There is no gap in the tape, and the glue is combined with air to a lesser extent. It can extend the shelf life of the tape and maximize the adhesion of the tape.

Also for some inferior tape, because it contains impurities, it is unevenly coated. There is no problem at the time of the roll-to-finish, but a little longer will start to crack. General, many tapes with gaps are typical of the roll loose performance. So when we choose two tapes, it is better to feel the weight of the tape.

Sino Tape is an adhesive product enterprise integrating R&D, rubber making and coating of semi-finished parent rolls and finished products. Each batch of finished products has been subjected to strict quality inspection by sampling instruments, and can pass the SGS EU environmental protection certification. It has the characteristics of high viscosity, strong weather resistance and strong viscosity.

Why not prepare a roll cloth duct tape in your home?