What is the specific use of construction tape in different fields? The following summarizes the application areas of construction tape.

(1) Construction tape can be used for road signs, dam leakage prevention, emergency maintenance of military engineering, and leakage plugging. The application of construction tape is very extensive.

(2) Application in indoor and outdoor decoration and decoration. In recent years, such applications have developed rapidly, such as exterior wall mosaic tiles, glass curtain wall installation, indoor ceiling bonding, wallpaper wall covering, floor decoration, floor tile bonding, and paving, and bathroom waterproof sealing. Construction glue is widely used in decoration.

(3) The sealing of various buildings includes doors and windows, large slab walls, expansion joints, joints, and special buildings. With the modernization of the construction industry, this type of construction glue will have greater development.

(4) Application in building maintenance, transformation, reinforcement, and reinforcement.

The application in this area has developed rapidly, especially in the transformation and reinforcement, the application of electrical insulating tape has been very extensive, solving many problems that cannot be solved by traditional technology, and pushing it to a higher level.

(5) Reinforcement and maintenance of various transportation facilities and water conservancy projects.

In recent years, due to the development of construction glue, especially the development of new technologies for structural glue (such as carbon fiber and its glue), it has been widely used in this regard.

Such as road bridge reinforcement and maintenance, road tunnel reinforcement and maintenance, road pavement laying and maintenance, airport runway emergency reinforcement and maintenance, railway bridge (reinforced concrete) reinforcement and maintenance, dam plugging reinforcement and maintenance in water conservancy projects, special implementation in traffic Reinforcement and maintenance.

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