Usually, many people refer to the flannelette tape as flannelette cloth tape, so what is the difference between these two tapes?  In fact, the difference is still quite large. In order to let everyone figure out the difference between them, we are going to introduce the difference between these two kinds of cloth tapes in the following aspects.

First of all, the use of the two tapes is quite different. The flannelette tape is mainly used to wrap the wire harness of the car to protect the car harness and prevent the temperature from being too high, resulting in the burning of the wire harness. In short, the use of flannelette tape is basically in the automotive sector. The cloth tape is completely different. The main application of cloth tape is in the pasting of carpets. If you are setting up an exhibition, you need to apply the tape.

Secondly, the difference between the flannelette tape and the cloth tape is that the two shapes are different. Basically, the volume of the flannelette tape is relatively small, and it is basically black. The volume of the cloth tape is relatively larger than that of the flannelette tape, and the color is relatively large. Moreover, the cloth tape can be divided into two-sided and one-sided, and the flannelette tape is basically one-sided. Basically, the width of the cloth tape is about 48 mm, and the width of the flannelette tape is basically 19 mm.

Finally, the flannelette tape is relatively viscous and can have high-performance noise-proofing and anti-slip effects. The biggest features of the cloth tape are: rich in color, outstanding in stickiness, and not easy to remanent. These are the differences between flannel tape and cloth tape.