What is automotive wiring harness tape?

  • 1. Car flannel tape is a kind of car harness tape, we can learn from the name of the tape product: it is a tape with flannel and coated with adhesive;
  • 2. Flannel tape is a single-sided tape;

What is the structure of flannel tape?
The material of flannel tape is composed of two aspects:

  • 1. The base material is PET flannelette, which is also called non-woven fabric on the market;

  • 2. Adhesive, the adhesive used for general velvet tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is sticky at room temperature;

Common types of flannel tape?
According to a use environment of car velvet tape, it is divided into:

  • 1. Car velvet tape used in the passenger compartment of the car;
  • 2. Car flannel tape used in the engine compartment;
  • 3. The difference is that the flannel tape used in the passenger compartment must meet the national standards for interior decoration, and the flannel tape used in the engine compartment needs to be considered for its temperature resistance.
    Common colors of flannel tape?

The ordinary flannel tape is black. Are there other colors of flannel tape? Yes, it requires us to use different colors of flannel substrates in production, and then use the same tape coating process for production. His colors, such as yellow flannel tape, orange flannel tape, blue velvet tape, the main function of this different color is the icon because there are more types of wiring harnesses in cars, different wiring harnesses have different functions, and one of his requirements.