Many automotive wiring harness assembly customers and even some new engineers in system factories have similar questions when choosing automotive wiring harness tape. What the hell is this wiring harness tape? It looks almost the same. What choice?

The wiring harness inside a car is the nerve channel of the car. If the wrong wiring harness tape is selected, there is bound to be a big or small hidden danger. Therefore, it is impossible to follow the feeling, copying the drawings of the predecessor, and now has entered a period of the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, especially to keep up with the situation.

Let me give you an in-depth analysis of the technical points, knock on the small blackboard, draw the key points, and take the test!
First of all, the black tape, electrical tape, insulating tape, and PVC tape that everyone generally says are not the tapes used in our car wiring harnesses. These common types are PVC tapes because the use environment is different, the electrical tape used for home decoration, usually connect a wire and a network cable, no problem.

But it’s not enough to use our car wiring harness. The harsh environment of the car wiring harness, like our home, the wrapped wires and network cables are then plugged into the line pipes and plugged into the socket, except for waiting for your house to be renovated. Or one day when the wire is faulty, you will check it and return it for repair.