What is the engine harness tape? Is the engine harness tape flame retardant?
What is the engine harness tape? As the name implies, the engine harness tape is a harness tape used near the car engine.
because the temperature near the car engine is very high, and there is also some engine oil near the car engine, as well as some vibrations and some high-temperature radiation, these application scenarios determine the engine car wiring harness, and the above several working conditions should be considered when selecting, And according to these specific working conditions, it is recommended to choose a suitable car wiring harness tape.
Also, considering the vicinity of the car engine, it’s working environment temperature and humidity are more severe than the passenger compartment of the car. Therefore, when selecting the wiring harness tape, it is necessary to consider its aging performance, long-term performance, and weather resistance.

If the application site has high wear resistance requirements, priority should be given to the wear resistance performance and its high-temperature resistance. For example, in the vicinity of a car turbine, its operating temperature may reach about 300 degrees. At this time, the tape is receiving heat radiation, and its adhesive performance will continue to age.
When we designed the engine harness tape, on the one hand, we started from his high-temperature resistance, on the one hand, we also from the design point of view, we do a part of the heat to reflect.