Whether the tape at the end of the harness is bent is related to the following five reasons:

  • 1. The wiring harness tape needs to be wound 2-3 times at the end of the wiring harness;
  • 2. Poor adhesion of wire harness tape and wire harness insulation materials (such as PTFE, PTFE, low surface energy materials, etc.);
  • 3. The viscosity of the wiring harness tape decreases-for example, the temperature of the wiring harness tape in winter is affected by the temperature, and the viscosity also decreases;
  • 4. The width of the harness is insufficient. The general width is 19mm. However, due to the size of the wire diameter, consider using non-standard widths, such as 25mm and 36mm.
  • 5. The technology is not skilled enough or the parameter setting of the automatic winding machine is incorrect.