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Wire harness processing-calculation of wire harness tape winding length

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Automotive wiring harnesses are essential to the role of a “neural network” for the human body!In the process of wire harness processing, the use of various specifications of tape is also indispensable, among which the use of wire harness tape includes: wire harness point winding, pattern winding, close winding, and corrugated tube sealing.

Different tapes have different widths, so there are differences in the amount of wire used in the same length and diameter.

After a lot of inquiries, in the existing browseable literature and data, no clear calculation method for the amount of tape used in the processing of the tape is found. When the craftsman makes the tape quota, it is based on experience. Different people have the same opinion.

There are also differences in the amount of tape used for wiring harnesses. Therefore, I have theoretically deduced and calculated the amount of tape usage corresponding to several tape winding methods commonly used in wire harness processing.

After actual winding verification, I have obtained a calculation formula that can support craftsmen in making tape usage quotas.

Wire harness tape fancy winding

The helix formed by winding the tape around the wire harness takes the unit helix length and abstracts it into a standard sine line (as shown by in Figure 1).
The tape widths commonly used by production units are 19mm and 25mm respectively. Now the formula is derived from the tape with a width of 19mm, namely b=19mm, the value of the winding interval is a=25mm, and the chord length of the sine curve: h=a+b =44mm, assuming the harness diameter D=100mm, and the harness length c=1000mm.

Wire harness tape fancy winding schematic diagram

Image 1

Schematic diagram of trigonometric function relationship

Image 2

Wire harness tape 50% overlapped tightly wrapped

Wire harness tape 50% overlapped tightly wrapped

Image 3

50% overlap and tight packing are different from fancy winding

The derivation process is the same as that of floral wrapping, and the 50% overlapping and dense wrapping theory can be obtained. The calculation formula is:

Calculating formula for the length of 50% overlapping tight wrap of harness tape

Wire harness tape point winding

Schematic diagram of wiring harness tape

The tape point winding requires 3 turns. Because the tape thickness is only 0.1-0.28mm, the winding thickness can be ignored. The tape point winding interval is e.

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