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Wire harness tape winding-examples

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Example description

The fancy winding of wire harness tape refers to the continuous use of tape to wrap the wire harness. The winding gap of each circle is generally in the range of 10-25mm, and the middle does not overlap.

The tape wrap is mainly suitable for the branch or part of the trunk area of the instrument panel wiring harness during the instrument panel subassembly process.

The wiring harness twist can effectively fix the wiring harness tightly and improve the beauty and layout of the wiring harness.

Wire Harness Tape Wire Harness Wrapped Physical Picture

Adhesive tape means that the tape must cover 1/2 or 1/3 of the previous tape when it is wrapped in the next round. Generally, the trunk part of the instrument panel wiring harness needs to be tightly wrapped with tape.

Tape tightly wrapping can not only increase the wear resistance of the wiring harness product but also reduce the risk of fire caused by the aging and short circuit of the wiring harness due to the lack of oxygen inside the wiring harness after the tape is tightly wound.

Wire bundle dense winding is generally divided into 1/2 overlap dense winding and 1/3 overlap dense winding. This time, 1/2 overlap dense winding is taken as an example to push the formula for the amount of tape used in wire harness processing.

Wire Harness Tape Wire Harness Closely Wrapped Physical Picture

Tape point wrapping refers to using tape to wrap at least three times at the same position on the wire harness. The distance between the text wrapping and the last wrapping is generally 150-200mm.

In the process of instrument panel subassembly, tape winding is generally used for wiring harness products with a small number of harnesses, or for large-scale wiring harnesses that require secondary subassembly. It is also suitable for external point winding of open corrugated pipes.

The use of tape point winding can fix the wire harness firmly, reserve the branch points of the same function in the same position, and the tape point winding workload is small and easier to modify, which is very suitable for the processing of trial-produced new product wiring harnesses.

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