Hello, everyone. Today it’s a sunny day in China. I’m very happy to share the knowledge of the tape with you. This article is different from before. It’s very short, so you only cost a little time to read it. Due to many customers asking us, I will introduce the different glues in the sun.

1.The hot melt adhesive: it can’t be used in the sun, even if one day. And this kind of glue has a small temperature adaptation range, it’s about from 10 celsius to 50 celsius. So, don’t make the mistake after reading this article.

2.The natural rubber adhesive: it can be exposed in the sun for a short time. The suitable temperature is about from -20 to 70 celsius. But the viscosity is not better than the hot melt adhesive.

By the way, the usual use is the hot melt adhesive.

Hmmm…… it’s time to say goodbye to you, thanks for your reading. See you after two days.