According to the glue used, the cloth tape can be divided into rubber cloth tape and hot melt cloth tape. Both of these glues have good adhesion, but each has unique properties and is suitable for use in different applications.

Different from the design of the tape, the cloth tape can be glued on one side or double-sided. Most of the fabric tapes on the market are single-sided tape-based tapes, but some environments require double-sided tape.

The color of the cloth tape is very rich, so it is also possible to classify the cloth tape in different colors. These colors are not only suitable for use, but also indicate where they are produced.


Cloth tape and ordinary tape have obvious differences in appearance, and they are completely different in use. Cloth tape is mainly used in the manufacturing and packaging fields and is an industrial material. Ordinary tape is a material used in living and office environments. Cloth tape is now widely used in the paper industry, the automotive industry and several industries, mainly in waterproof engineering. Because it is easy to process, it is often used in equipment cabinets and car cabs.

Cloth tape is also used in packaging, such as carton sealing, heavy-duty bundling, carpet stitching, waterproof packaging, etc. It provides a lot of convenience for the packaging field.

Conclusion: tape has a lot of uses, which brings many convenience to our living, office and industrial production. Today we introduced the cloth tape, through which we have a better understanding of the tape. Because of its high viscosity and water resistance, cloth-based tape is very useful in the industry. It can be used not only as a single-sided adhesive, but also as a double-sided tape.